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    This aritlce keeps it real, no doubt.

  2. hoy no a venido nadie a los baños de la 4 planta del aeropuerto, habia un chico joven rubio xo creo q no venia a nada. q pena…..y al final paja yo solo en el baño, q pena…..yo kiero ir mañana a la 13:30 estare alli alguno se apunta??? soy joven con buena polla activo bisexual podeis llevar a vuestra novia o mujer jajaja animaros fiesta de pollas

  3. I stumbled across Solar 2 in the Xbox Indie store and really enjoyed it. Some of the missions seem very tricky – the “escape from the police” and “protect the planet” ones. I look forward to the update!

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    I'm curious about Moldbug's take on the "petite révolution" in Iran. One would think, given his pronomian views, that he would support the side of Ahmadinejad. If the green protesters are successful, then would Iran become part of the Cathedral?-Victor

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  7. Thank God! Someone with brains speaks!

  8. Not long after getting the hang of pottying by herself, one night my oldest was making a bit of noise in the bathroom. My wife and I went to check on her, and she was standing, leaning against the toilet with a huge proud grin on her face: “I’m going potty standing up like daddy!”

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  12. Hi SandyBeaches, this is completely off topic but when you announced the give away of the Contigo en la Distancia bracelets I was on vacation and I requested for 1 about 3 days after the fact. I just wasn’t sure if they were all sent out. I totally understand if I missed the boat on this one, just didn’t want to sit here wondering. BTW, it was a very thoughtful project and I salute you and your team. Thanks!!!

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  20. Yes, 'Skippy Dies' was very enjoyable. And for some reason, breaking the books up into three smaller volumes makes them more approachable, too–for some reason, reading three 200-300 page volumes seems much more achievable than one 900-page behemoth,

  21. we know we’ve lost the majority of our representatives in government…The only way we can get our representation back is to hold them accountable…the only way to hold them accountable is to have a media that is on our side…we are losing that…and that’s the scariest part of all of this

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  33. “can’t take it anymore”….Then get out of the kitchen. ‘Roll-over’ isn’t much of a strategy, and whether Nikki points it out or not doesn’t change that fact.What would you have everyone do? Smile and ignore the realities of bargaining with the studios? Or is it that the shills union got a better deal than the actors…Don’t blame Nikki for these problems, or anyone else who chooses to air their analysis.

  34. I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

  35. oh my gosh this is so awesome!! for Miranda i think it’d have to be the first one. I mean she does have color streaks in the book. For Della i think number four fits the best.

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  43. true! I have to monitor myself to see if I have been using that word! I really really dislike the word hate. I was really bothered by him feeling that way. "cease to exist", I actually think he would understand this…if I put it in context. Thanks.

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  45. Sorry, Texas: our (Giants') futility is longer, ergo "It's Our Turn!" (which is why I'm glad we didn't play the Cubs in the NLCS!)2-1.MadBum (Madison Bumgarner) on the mound tomorrow: the kid w/ ice water in his veins!I like our chances (though God knows, we could still blow it…)GO GIANTS!!!!

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  51. One looks forward to the day when the new incumbent at Westminster will be in a position to ban the sale of this sad rag from the Cathedral. It has given him good reason to do so, but maybe come May 22nd they will realise which side their bread is buttered on!

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  62. / Howard – I’ve often thought the same thing, and often we provide incentive plans that tell recruiters to recruit bad employees. When we give volume or time to fill incentives, that’s about getting the masses in the door – not keeping them around.

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  90. Yeah, I was pretty proud of him myself when I stopped by to retrieve him and noticed the crowd of little boys he was keeping amused/relatively calm. But of course, there’s a story behind his supposed gracious volunteering here…!

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  93. So many beautiful moments caught throughout had me saying “Oh wow” over and over again. You’re attention to the little details makes this wedding even more amazing.

  94. Hi Michelle, Thanks a lot! I loved knitting Wild Lettuce. My daughter conveys her thanks to you too. Both my daughters know the basics of knitting as well as crochet, but the love/craze/passion is yet to hit them. I’m sure, it would, some day!! I’d love to see the day!:-)

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  96. This is amazing. The Gallows are a fantastic band, I’ve seen them live a few times (and am seeing them again? tomorrow) and the passion and emotion involved is incredible. I just hope this doesn’t change with the departure of Frank Carter in August.I will say however, that the Americans on Warped Tour looked like they didn’t quite know what to make of the boys. Their circle pit was quite pathetic wonderful film xo

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  115. First of all, not sure where you get the idea that all actual graffiti artists were once taggers. That seems like a fairly dubious claim. And then to go on and argue that actual graffiti artists MUST have been taggers at some point is nothing short of absurd.If you want to argue that some graffiti artists are former taggers, that’s fine. But by trying to universalize your argument you only diminish your credibility.

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